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Take Control of Your Cloud Applications

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Auto-Discovered Application Maps

See Everything in your multi-cloud application

Create and share maps by filtering and grouping by tags and traffic attributes

Search and Discover services and their dependencies

Monitor real-time traffic flow between all internal and external services

Time Travel to compare behavior, for example, before and after deployments

Alert On Metrics That Impact End Users

Get notified before critical issues occur

Set up alerts on “Golden Signals” such as Latency, Errors, Throughput and Saturation

Get notified before end users experience slowness or errors

Scope Alerts based on tags & attributes, or globally across the application

Use Pagerduty, email or webhooks integration for alert notifications.

Accelerate Troubleshooting with Powerful Analytics

Powerful query-centric interface to troubleshoot quickly

Use Analytics Sandbox to explore metrics, and save alerts or dashboards

Extensive Filters and Group-By options to analyze data from multiple dimensions such as pod names, host names, or protocol attributes

Out-of-the-box Dashboards for popular systems such as HTTP, MySQL, DNS

Dynamic Drill-in from charts to segment and analyze data across multiple dimensions

Monitor Metrics from the Entire Stack

Comprehensive list of integrations that helps you monitor every application component

Packet Capture and Analysis to monitor performance of service interactions

100+ Application Integrations with JMX, NGINX, MySQL and many more, for metrics such as heap size, thread counts, connections, etc.

Custom Metrics, using statsd, for code-level insights

External Service interactions performance analysis such as latency of AWS RDS, DynamoDB queries or DNS errors in Route53 lookups


Enterprises running applications in multi-cloud environments use Epoch to monitor the health of their applications. See everything with Epoch!

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